The general statutory regulations covering trade in goods and services apply. To emphasize and supplement these, we will here list, for your information and legal security, only those regulations which we consider accepted when we take on a contract:


1. Making contact and tendering

All the services we provide within the framework of contract acquisition are free of charge unless agreed otherwise in writing. We undertake to keep confidential with regard to third parties all in-company information made accessible to us by the interested parties. Our offers are binding with regard to statements on goods and technology, deadlines and prices, unless we have clearly expressed a reservation. If the offer provides for other conditions than the General Terms and Conditions, the conditions of the offer will apply if the contract is awarded. We consider ourselves bound for one month to offers we have made.


2. Contract processing

When a contract is awarded, the principal accepts the statements and conditions set out in the offer as binding.
If, in the course of processing the contract, amendments are required to the technical information in the offer which are the result of changes to technical conditions on the part of the principal or faulty or insufficient documentation of these conditions, we reserve the right to charge any additional work and costs separately. We accept no responsibility for delay in processing the contract that is caused by agreed information, services or components not being made available at the due dates


3. Delivery and payment conditions

Once the contract has been awarded, we charge a deposit of 33%, with a further 33% after delivery of the contracted goods and services and 34% of the value of the order after acceptance by the principal. The principal is obliged to set in motion the procedures required for acceptance within one month after delivery. All invoices are payable one month after receipt, without discount. In the case of payment being in arrears, we reserve the right to charge interest on the outstanding amounts within the limits of statutory regulations.


4. Liability and warranty

Liability is fundamentally limited to the value of the contract. Any liability exceeding the liability of the contract is to be agreed separately and is as a rule linked to additional costs. Any divergences from the technical information in the offer that come to light on acceptance must be documented in writing by the principal. We reserve the right to correct defects twice, within a period of a maximum of one month on each occasion. The statutory warranty rights apply.


5. Reservation of ownership

Goods delivered and services remain our property until payment has been made in full.

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