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My name is Martin Ostwald, and I am the founder and managing director of OSTWALD – Elektronik GmbH.


I have been a Diplomingenieur (graduate engineer) in Communications Technology since 1990. Since my early youth I have been fascinated by the world of electronics and its opportunities and achievements.

It has always been my dream to work creatively in the field of technology, to design and construct reliably functioning electronic circuits and devices myself.


In 1993 I began working for a manufacturer of measuring instruments, without any start-up capital, as a freelance designer under the company name OSTWALD – Elektronik. Here I was able to gain a lot of experience from a great variety of tasks, from designing the first circuit to creating production and test documents.

My main area of work initially covered, in particular, trigger circuits for laser diodes, optical receivers and rotational speed stabilisers for rotating lasers. Many of the products with electronic systems designed by me remain on the market and have proved to be efficient, reliable and good value for money.


I acquired other customers and other responsibilities; over the years I have been able not only to gather a wealth of experience, but also to make valuable contacts. In all of this, I have seen my muscular disease, which since my birth has made things a little more difficult than usual, as a challenge rather than as a disability.

We are now supplied with assemblies and components from – among other places – the USA, China and Hong Kong. We do however manufacture, insofar as this is economically possible, in Germany.

Quality in design and execution is and will remain our top priority.


In the sub-menu “Insights”, you will find some examples and images of our work that will convince you.


In 2007 OSTWALD – Elektronik GmbH was founded. We are – thank heavens – still a small company, without the rapid but often brief expansion of some "New Economy Start-ups". This is probably due to the fact that for me enthusiasm for the task has often come before commercial calculation. However, that is certainly good for the quality of our work.

Most recently, we have expanded the range of our skills and experience to include the fields of magnetic field measurement, compressed air measurement and the creation of PC software for the recording, evaluation and archiving of measurement records.


We are however always especially happy to receive any new and challenging, perhaps even extraordinary assignment.


Naturally, we may not be able to solve every problem in measurement technology, but due to our experience, reliability and creativity we have the best qualifications for finding the suitable solution for your requirements.


I would be happy to get to know you personally!


My sincere good wishes from Arnsberg



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